Moor Up & Visit The Altrincham Market. Words by Nick Johnson, photo's by Claire Harrison.

The company that run Altrincham Market are keen canal boaters. They’ve had a 70 foot canal boat called Jacob moored at Moore in Warrington (on the Bridgewater canal) for the last 30 years and have ‘circumnavigated’ Britain’s pastoral beauty by canal (and the Thames) twice with their 4 children. 
Altrincham Market
Altrincham Market and Market House Altrincham is 3 miles from Dunham embankment voted the UK’s best market by the Observer and BBC4 with a massive reputation for great food, feeding over 10,000 people each week.
Altrincham Market
Best road access is down by the viaduct to Woodhouse Lane and then walk through Dunham and Dunham Park golf course or get a taxi. You could also head for The Swan with Two Nicks and walk or get a taxi from there. They have a strict no bookings policy and dogs are welcome.


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  1. Hester Cox:
    Nov 22, 2017 at 10:56 AM

    Willie and Vonda our hirers back in September moored Gloria in Sale and took a tram to the market. It's open 8am to 4pm each day apart from Monday.

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