2021 New Hire Schedule

In March, April, May, June, September and October our boat will be available for the following hire start and end dates:

1. 'Queenie' hires will run:

3 nights - Fri to Mon
4 nights - Mon to Fri
7 nights - Mon to Mon or Fri to Fri
14, 21 and multiples of 7 nights - Mon to Mon or Fri to Fri
Hires start at 2pm and end at 9.30am on the last day.

2. For July and August hires will be for a minimum 7 nights.

3. In November, December, January and February hire start and end dates will be more flexible with a minimum 3 night's hire.

We will still charge the same price all year round and remain open all year too (ice permitting). We will still offer static hires in the low season months on our linear mooring (we think it's the best spot on the marina).

Pre-lockdown (on March 23rd) this Covid-19 year saw us almost fully booked. Then, from one day to the next, everything stopped and we had nothing concrete. Like so many small businesses, the next few days, weeks, and months were spent giving refunds for cancellations or deferring hire dates to 2021. From March onward over these last three months we've had a lot of time to think about how we can go forward, and operate as a healthy business, finding a balance between personal life and work. 

Star Narrowboats has always been really flexible with hire start and end dates and the number of nights we can offer. This way of operating has felt right and good to do, and, despite various complexities, it worked somehow. However, operating in such a flexible way also took its toll and running the business came to control 100% of 'life'. So, out of all of the muddle and difficulty caused by the pandemic and its effect on business, I'm happy to say that, starting in 2021, we have found ways to overcome this problem. 2021 will be our 8th year of business.

We are making changes to our calendar and booking system - in fact we are making a major revamp to our whole website which is also about 8 years old!!!  You can still search any dates from now to far into the future!! We expect 2021 to fill up over the next few months before Christmas.

If you would like to speak to us about a hire please feel welcome to call Hester on +44 (0)79 444 04 227. We are looking forward to our new start and, like everyone, are more than hopeful for a year of recovery and renewed successes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 


'Queenie' Blue Sky

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